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Regional Integration
A special audio briefing series on regional integration within the Southern African Development Community or SADC.
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  • Pub Date: Jul 11, 2013
  • Regional integration Part 2: Ambassador Kaire Mbuende
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  • This is part 2 in a series of video briefings on regional economic integration in Africa.

    One of the foremost thinkers and commentators, globally, on this issue is Ambassador Kaire Mbuende. He is Namibia’s former representative to the United Nations and a former Executive Secretary of SADC. Our conversation was focussed on a particular aspect of regional integration: that of market and functional integration. We asked him:

    How would you differentiate between market and functional integration?
    Could you give us a practical example of how functional integration is working?
    How do you see national interests driving the regional integration agenda?

    For more about SAIIA, visit www.saiia.org.za
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